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Application Student Ambassador Exchange Program

2020 Youth Exchange Application Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany

Parents are

Student lives with:

SHORT ESSAYS- to be completed by Student

Please answer all of the following questions with complete sentences. Your answers to these questions will be read by your Host Family and Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson County. You may use a separate sheet of paper if you wish.

Important Information

                 2020  High School Exchange and Home Stay

Thank you so much for your interest in the Sister Cities of Franklin and Williamson County's Youth Ambassador Exchange Programs with  Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany. Every year up to  15 student ambassadors are selected from Williamson County to experience cultural immersion and represent our county as chosen ambassadors.  Sister Cities of Franklin and Williamson County, Tennessee, Inc. is a 501(C)(3), and is a member of Sister Cities International which began in 1956 as part of President Eisenhower’s People to People Program. Their intent was to “promote peace through understanding.” Sister Cities of Franklin and Williamson County's mission is to build global relationships, to share cultural and education experiences, and to inspire economic growth within our community. 

SCFWC Student Exchange objectives:

o      Intercultural knowledge and relationship building

o      Global awareness

o      Personal values and language skills

o      Focus on communities, service and commitment 

By participating in the SCFWC Student exchange program, students will:

o      Become an international ambassador for Williamson County in chosen Sister City

o      Learn about Germany, its people, culture and language,

o      Develop skills to deal with future challenges, independence and self-awareness,

o      Build friendships that last a lifetime

o      Respect the customs, economic differences, lifestyle and routine of Bad Soden Germany

SCFWC Student Exchange Program includes:

o    ∙  Placement with  a carefully selected host family, room and board

o    ∙  Pre-departure orientation information

o    ∙  Travel and on-site chaperone-liaison

o    ∙  Support of a local representative

o    ∙  Airport ground transfers to and from host family residence

o    ∙  Supervision during the exchange program abroad

What SCFWC’s Program does not include:

o    Any affiliation with the Williamson County Public School System 

o    International and domestic airfare to and from Frankfurt Germany

o    SCFWC student exchange application fee of $325.00

o    Public transportation to student selected activities and entertainment

o    Entertainment and incidental costs incurred by the student

Participating Countries and Dates:

  • Williamson County  Students will travel to  Germany  usually about one week after school ends in Williamson County.  Please accommodate 8-10 days of variation due to flight costs so SCWFC can select the most affordable flight option for your student.
  • Williamson County Students will be hosting the German Students around the beginning of February for two weeks. Please allow 8-10 days of variation to accommodate your hosts student’s airfare planning.

What is expected of the Student as a member of the host family:

o    Act as a student ambassador representing the city of Franklin and Williamson County respecting the culture, customs and habits of host family members

o    Participate in family activities, dinners, and outings with host family

o    Help with household chores with host family

o    Share culture, language and life experiences with household members

o    Abide by host family rules, local laws and customs and those of your country of residence, which includes use of alcohol and driving.

o    Attend host country high school classes


Students must mail their SCFWC Student Exchange Application Form, along with initial Application Fee and be postmarked by the 10th  of November 2019   The fee covers SCFWC administrative processing , includes a family membership to Sister Cities of Franklin and Williamson County Tennessee for one year.

The Application and Fee should be mailed to Sister Cities of Franklin and Williamson County TN, P.O Box 977, Franklin, TN 37065. The Application Fee is refundable up to November 1st  or after the home visit a mutual decision  is made that the exchange is not a good fit.. After November 15th the Fee is non-refundable.

There may be an additional charge of $20 per adult for applicable background check.

If a trip is cancelled due to insufficient student applicants, the Application Fee will be refunded, unless a student desires to apply for another SCFWC trip in the same calendar year.

It is the sole responsibility of the students (and their parents) who are traveling on an exchange with SCFWC to ensure they have current and appropriate travel documents for their destination country. We suggest that if the student does not currently possess a passport that you pay for the expedited passport if possible and file immediately upon selection to the program.

  Payment schedule for Student Ambassadors traveling on 2020 Bad Soden exchange:

Application fee of $325 due by October 30 2019

Background check fees due upon acceptance to program

December 1st - $500.00
February 1st - $750.00
March 15th – Balance due*

Sister Cities purchases the plane tickets in order to ensure all are traveling together with the assigned chaperone. The payments outlined in the schedule reflect reimbursement to SCFWC for airfare and any other expenses necessary to pay prior to the trip.

*Trip costs will depend primarily on cost of flight.

On average, the students spent $125-$200 on incidentals – souvenirs, snacks, etc.


  1. Greet student at the airport.  Bring to airport on departure day.
  2. Provide a comfortable room and bathroom for the student; private room if possible.
  3. Provide meals during their stay.  During the week, the students will often be with SCFWC representatives and lunch will be provided.
  4. Provide transportation to and from Sister Cities activities.  Sister Cities representatives take the students during the week to various sites and attractions around Williamson County and Nashville.  There is a designated drop-off and pick-up spot in Historic Franklin for all host families. 
  5. Provide lunch for the student when they attend high school.  Most visiting students will go to school with their hosts on two or three days while visiting. 
  6. Provide transportation to and from school on school days.  The bus is acceptable if host student rides the bus.

The visiting students are coming to experience life in Williamson County and in America.  As much as possible, involve the student in the family’s day-to-day activities – i.e., going to sporting activities, shopping, movies, etc. Families are not expected to go above and beyond what they normally do at home but any special outing is always appreciated. 

There are SCFWC volunteers available to help with any concern with transportation, activities, etc. so please don’t let one obstacle prevent you from hosting.  It’s a wonderful, rewarding experience for all involved!

 PROGRAM AGREEMENT To be Completed by the Student and Parents

 Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc., its agents, affiliates, officers, directors, staff, regional and local representatives and the undersigned parent(s) or legal guardian(s) (“Parents”) and student (“Student”), understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this Program Agreement(“Agreement”) relating to Student’s participation in student exchange program (“Program”). Parents and Student are referred to collectively as the Participants (“Participants”). Adults(s) and their resident children who volunteer to host a student for the Program term are referred to as the Host Family (“Host Family”). The Student’s Program whether taking place in the United States, Germany or Canada will be referred to as the Host Country (“Host Country”).

A.  Admission: Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. considers information included in the Student’s application packet in determining acceptance into the program.

B.   Placement: Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. has the sole discretion to determine whether the Student will be admitted into the Program and such determination is final.

C.   Living Expenses: Parents agree to provide the Student with a sufficient amount of spending money to cover personal expenses and incidentals during the Program so as not to be a burden on the Host Family. Parents agree to cover the amount listed in the above arrangement.

D. Rules for Students:

Rule 1: Host Family Regulations:  Students must obey host family regulations including curfew, household chores, dating, contact with home, computer and phone privileges (including personal laptops and cell phones). Students are responsible to cover the costs of all long distance and international telephone calls they incur. Students may not have guests in the host family’s home without their host family’s consent and supervision.

Rule 2: Local, State and National Laws:  Students are subject to the authority and laws of their Host Country and must obey all

national, state and local laws and regulations. Exchange students are not exempt from prosecution. Participants agree to hold Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. blameless for any or all consequences that may result from the student breaking the law of the land. Students who break the law can be dismissed from the Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. Youth Exchange program.

Rule 3: Drugs: The use or possession of non-prescription drugs or controlled substances is illegal. Students may use only those drugs prescribed by their doctor (or patent medicines available over the counter in the Host Country). Use of illegal drugs is grounds for dismissal from the program. Exchange students arrested for drug use or possession will face the same penalties as citizens of the Host Country including mandatory fines, prison terms or severe penalties and will be immediately dismissed from the program.

E.   Insurance: All Students are required to have insurance in effect for the duration of the program covering sickness and accident.

 F.  Health Care Treatment: Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. will normally consult with Parents before authorizing any medical care for a Student. However, a situation requiring immediate attention could conceivably occur. In such a case the Participants consent and authorize Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. or adult Host Family member to obtain without obligation, and at their discretion, any necessary medical, dental, surgical, psychological, psychiatric or hospital care, prescribed by a health care authority, for the immediate welfare of the Student. The Parents authorize the health care provider to release the Student to Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. or adult Host Family member and to release all health care records relating to the Student to Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc..

 G.  Legal Proceeding: Participants consent and authorize Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. to pursue or defend any legal proceeding regarding the Student during the Program, costs to be reimbursed by Parent(s). However, Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. or any adult Host Family member is not obligated to pursue or defend any such legal action or proceedings. The Participants authorize any court, law enforcement agency, or any other government agency to release the Student to Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. in the event that the Student is detained or held by any such entity.

 J.  Use of Student’s Name and Likeness: Participants consent and authorize Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. to use the Student’s name, photograph, file or video likeness of Student or any comments or statements of Student in materials or publications to promote the Program.

 K.   Problem Notification and Resolution: Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. provides ongoing support of all Students. It is the responsibility of the Student to advise Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. of any significant problems, such as concerns about health or safety.

L.  General Release and Hold Harmless Provisions: As a condition of Student’s participation in the Program, the Participants agrees to release and hold Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. harmless for injury, loss, delay, or any damage and expense incurred by the Student due to: (i) any incident beyond Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of Nature, crimes of violence, acts of war, or government actions and restrictions; (ii) any events directly or indirectly caused by intentional or negligent acts or omissions by any third party, including but not limited to any member, guest, employee or agent of the Host Family or any other persons in the host country; (iii) risks associated with foreign travel and living abroad, including but not limited to risks associated with health care, sanitation, transportation, crime, justice, legal systems, customs, and values; (iv) any differences in the living conditions and standards between Student’s home and home country and the host home and Host Country; and (v) any act or omission of Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc..

 M.   Indemnification: As a further condition of Student’s participation in the Program, the Participants agree to indemnify and hold Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., Inc. harmless from any liability or expense, including court costs and attorney’s fees, resulting from any injury, loss or any other damage or expense caused by the Student during his/her participation in the Program.

 N.  Ratification of Contract: In the event the Student is under the age of 18 at the time of execution of this Agreement, and  the Student attains 18 years of age while participating in the Program, the Student agrees that continued participation in the Program after he/she attains 18 is deemed a ratification and adoption of all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

 O.  Modification: This Agreement shall not be modified except by a writing that is executed by all parties hereto.

 P.  Severability: In the event any clause, sentence, term or provision of this Agreement shall be held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining portions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

Q.     Permission to Travel: By my signature below, I am giving permission for my child to travel from Franklin, Tennessee to Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany and back between  with the chaperone(s) designated by Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson Co., In c

R.   Volunteer Hours:  The student will fulfill a minimum of 5 volunteer hours with Sister Cities.  The student will attend a city council meeting to share experience and will help promote this program in the following years   Membership in the Ambassador Alumni Council is encouraged but not required.

Important:  To complete the application, please complete and send in the following forms which are attached below:

-  Signature Forms

-  Letter of Recommendation by teacher, community leader, family friend or employer.  We ask for 2 references along with a stamped envelope.  Have the person making a reference seal the envelope and send to Sister Cities

P.O. Box 977, Franklin, TN 37064

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact Sister Cities.

  • You may also download a pdf version of the application forms below,.